Hey! Nice to meet you! My name is Jessica, or Nova online, and I'm a 25 years old gal from Sweden. I work as a preschool teacher and live in a nice little apartment with my dog and four rats. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, working with Dunder, reading and listening to music... and petz, of course! 

Some things I like include drawing, photography, nature/animals in general, reading and writing. I spent a lot of time in the woods, and I also photograph a lot - mostly animals, but I also enjoy taking photos of the landscape around me, some of them you can see in Google Earth. You can see other photos by me here as well.

Another interest for mine is folklore and mythology, mainly related to animals and the supernatural. I'm very skeptic by nature, but I enjoy reading and hearing about strange encounters and sights all the same! I own a decent collection of books on folklore and mythology which I greatly treasure.

As for my petz experience, I'm quite the "oldie" and has been playing since Dogz 1. I own all of the "real" petz games besides Oddballz and Babyz, but I only really use Petz 4 these days. I focus on hexing, and am also active in the Petz Kennel Club. My jobs there include breed acceptor, judge and guide. The PKC takes up a lot of time and as you may have noticed, a good portion of Supernova is dedicated to my PKC breed files!