Looking for some new petz to add to your program? Here you can download some free-for-all petz!
These Petz are all for Petz 3/4, but you can of course import them to Petz 5.
Note - for any multi-gen petz, they are almost certainly inbred. In Petz, inbreeding has no ill effects whatsoever on the petz.
Note: Becase anyone can download these petz, they cannot be registered with the PKC, since it can't be guaranteed that they aren't clones owned by others. However, you can download them, breed them and then PKC register their offspring, since those petz will be unique.

Colourful Calicoes
Tired of the default colours in the AC? Here are some calicoes with mutated colours!
No hexing in the lines, these are 100 % natural mutations. Varying generations, they are related to each other.
Download the bunch!

Here's a group of tamsins for you! Go here to learn what a tamsin is. Since I love 'em furry, most of them have long coats and fluffy tails! Perfect foundations if you want to start your line. Varying generations, all are probably related.
Download the bunch!