I suppose you could say my breeds are my pride and joy, at least in the petz world! I consider my role in the petz world a hexer first and foremost and to date I have roughly several hundred files available for download, a bit more than half of which are PKC accepted files (those that aren't are either wildz/fantasy files or breeds that are not officially recognzied and therefore can't be PKC accepted).

The way this page is works that you download the file by clicking the breed name, in most cases. The file will be in unibreed format. You can also see a picture of the breed by the link next to it. Sometimes, if there is something that you may want to know about the file, there may be a red * next to it. You can read what that info is by hovering the mouse over the breed name, and it should pop up.
A few files are also available in different versions for various reasons. This should be marked in a fairly straight-forward way.
Some older files may use external furfiles. If such are included, they should go in the Resource Catz or Dogz folder (depending on what program the breed is for).

You can see my offset list here!

How to install the breeds

Go here!

See my wild felines here

Balinese, version 1 [Pic]
Balinese, version 2 [Pic]
Cornish rex [Pic
Oriental longhair, version 1 [Pic]
Oriental longhair, version 2 [Pic]
Oriental shorthair, version 1 [Pic]
Oriental shorthair, version 2 [Pic]
Seychellois, version 1 [Pic] *
Seychellois, version 2 [Pic]
Siamese (traditional) V1 [Pic]
Siamese (traditional) V2 [Pic]
Siamese (modern), version 1 [Pic]
Siamese (modern), version 2 [Pic]

Abyssinian, version 1 [Pic]
Abyssinian, version 2 [Pic]
Chausie [Pic]
Japanese bobtail, version 1 [Pic]
Japanese bobtail, version 2 [Pic]
Nebelung V1 [Pic]
Nebelung V2 [Pic]
Russian blue [Pic]
Savannah [Pic]
Singapura [Pic]
Sokoke, version 1 [Pic]
Sokoke, version 2 [Pic]
Somali, version 1 [Pic]
Somali, version 2 [Pic]

American Curl (longhair) [Pic]
American curl (shorthair) [Pic]
American havana brown
American havana brown V2 [Pic]
Devon rex [Pic]
Don Sphynx [Pic]
Egyptian Mau [Pic]
European Burmese [Pic]
La Perm [Pic]
Minskin [Pic]
Munchkin (shorthair) [Pic]
Ojos azules, version 1 [Pic]
Ojos azules, version 2 [Pic]
Sphynx [Pic]
Tonkinese, version 1 [Pic]
Tonkinese, version 2 [Pic]

American wirehair V1 [Pic]
American wirehair V2 [Pic]
Bengal, version 1 [Pic]
Bengal, version 2 [Pic]
Bombay [Pic]
Chartreux [Pic]
Chinese Li Hua [Pic]
European shorthair V1 [Pic] - Catz3/4 - Catz5
European shorthair V2 [Pic]
European shorthair V3 [Pic]
Korat [Pic]
Snowshoe [Pic]
Toyger [Pic]

British longhair, version 1 [Pic]
British longhair, version 2 [Pic]
Calico [Pic]
Cymric [Pic]
Exotic [Pic]
Manx [Pic]
Persian V1 [Pic]
Persian V2 [Pic]
Selkirk rex
Selkirk rex V2 (longhair) [Pic]

Birman [Pic] *
Desert lynx [Pic]
Honey bear V1 [Pic]
Honey bear V2
Kurilian bobtail, shorthair [Pic]
Norwegian Forest Cat [Pic]
Ragdoll [Pic]
Pixie Bob [Pic]
Turkish van V1 [Pic]
Turkish van V2 [Pic]


Blue picardy spaniel, version 1 [Pic]
Blue picardy spaniel, version 2 [Pic]
Brittany [Pic]
Brittany, updated file [Pic] *
Chesapeake bay retriever [Pic]
Curly Coated Retriever [Pic]
English cocker spaniel [Pic]
English setter [Pic]
English springer spaniel V1 [Pic]
English springer spaniel V2 [Pic]
Flat Coated Retriever [Pic]
Field spaniel [Pic]
Golden retriever [Pic]
Gordon setter [Pic]
Irish red and white setter [Pic]
Irish setter [Pic]
Kooikerhondje [Pic]
Korthals griffon [Pic]
Large munsterlander V1 [Pic]
Large munsterlander V2 [Pic]
Picardy Spaniel [Pic]
Old danish pointer [Pic]
Small munsterlander V1 [Pic]
Small munsterlander V2 [Pic]
Slovakian wirehaired pointer [Pic]
Wachtelhund, version 1 [Pic]
Wachtelhund, version 2 [Pic]
Weimaraner [Pic]
Welsh springer spaniel [Pic]

American foxhound [Pic]
Basset hound [Pic]
Beagle V1 [Pic]
Beagle V2 [Pic]
Black and tan coonhound [Pic]
Drever [Pic]
Dunker, version 1 [Pic]
Dunker, version 2 [Pic]
Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen [Pic]
Halden Hound [Pic]
Hamiltonstovare V1 [Pic]
Hamiltonstovare V2 [Pic]
Hamiltonstovare V3 [Pic]
Hedehund [Pic]
Hungarian greyhound [Pic]
Hälleforsare [Pic]
Ibizan hound [Pic]
Jamthund [Pic]
Karelian bear dog [Pic]
Miniature dachshund, longhair [Pic]
Miniature dachshund, smooth [Pic]
Miniature dachshund, wire [Pic]
Norrbottenspets [Pic]
Norwegian elkhound [Pic]
Norwegian elkhound black [Pic]
Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen [Pic]
Pharaoh hound [Pic]
Rhodesian ridgeback [Pic]
Scottish deerhound [Pic]
Swedish white elkhound [Pic]
Thai ridgeback dog V1 [Pic]
Thai ridgeback dog V2 [Pic]
West Siberian Laika [Pic]
Whippet [Pic] *

Australian cattle dog [Pic]
Australian kelpie V1 [Pic]
Australian kelpie V2 [Pic] *
Australian kelpie V3 [Pic]
Australian shepherd [Pic]
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog
Bearded collie [Pic]
Beauceron, version 1 [Pic]
Beauceron, version 2 [Pic]
Beauceron, updated file [Pic] *
Belgian shepherd (Malinois/Laekenois) [Pic]
Belgian shepherd (Tervueren/Groenendael) [Pic]
Bergamasco [Pic]
Bouvier des Ardennes [Pic]
Cardigan welsh Corgi [Pic]
Catahoula leopard dog [Pic]
Croatian sheepdog [Pic]
Czechoslovakian wolfdog [Pic]
Dutch shepherd, longhair [Pic]
English shepherd V1 [Pic]
English shepherd V2 [Pic]
Finnish lapphund V1 [Pic]
Finnish lapphund V2 [Pic]
Finnish reindeer herder [Pic]
German shepherd dog V1 [Pic]
German shepherd dog V2 [Pic]
German shepherd dog V3 [Pic]
German shepherd dog V4 [Pic]
German shepherd dog V3 (longhair) [Pic]
German shepherd dog V4.1 Longhair
Iceland dog [Pic]
Koolie [Pic]
Komondor [Pic]
Norwegian buhund V1 [Pic]
Norwegian buhund V2 [Pic]
Old english sheepdog [Pic]
Pembroke welsh corgi [Pic]
Puli [Pic]
Rough collie [Pic]
Saarloos wolfhond [Pic] *
Shetland sheepdog [Pic]
Swedish lapphund V1 [Pic]
Swedish lapphund V2 [Pic]
Swedish vallhund V1 [Pic]
Swedish vallhund V2
White shepherd V2 [Pic]

Airedale terrier [Pic]
American hairless terrier (Hairless & Coated) [Pic]
American staffordshire terrier [Pic]
Border terrier [Pic]
Cairn terrier [Pic]
Cesky terrier [Pic]
Dandie Dinmont terrier [Pic]
Glen of Imaal terrier [Pic]
Irish terrier [Pic]
Jack russell terrier [Pic]
Jagdterrier [Pic]
Japanese terrier [Pic]
Kerry blue terrier [Pic]
Lakeland terrier [Pic]
Manchester terrier [Pic]
Miniature bull terrier [Pic]
Miniature schnauzer [Pic]
Miniature schnauzer V2 [Pic]
Pit bull terrier [Pic]
Rat terrier [Pic]
Scottish terrier V1 [Pic]
Scottish terrier V2 [Pic]
Sealyham terrier [Pic]
Smooth fox terrier [Pic]
Soft coated wheaten terrier [Pic]
Staffordshire bull terrier V1 [Pic]
Staffordshire bull terrier V2 [Pic]
Teddy Roosevelt terrier [Pic]
Welsh terrier [Pic]

Affenpinscher [Pic]
Cavalier King Charles spaniel V1 [Pic]
Cavalier King Charles spaniel V2 [Pic]
Chihuahua [Pic]
Chinese crested [Pic]
Doodle (Small longhaired mix) [Pic]
Japanese chin [Pic]
Maltese [Pic]
King Charles spaniel V1 [Pic]
King Charles spaniel V2 [Pic]
Russian toy (Longhair) [Pic] *
Russian toy (Shorthair) [Pic] *
Papillon V1 [Pic]
Papillon V2 [Pic]
Phalene V1 [Pic]
Phalene V2 [Pic]
Pomeranian V1 [Pic]
Pomeranian V2 [Pic]
Shih tzu, version 1 [Pic]
Shih tzu, version 2 [Pic] - Don't forget the bows, available here!
Volpino italiano [Pic]
Yorkshire terrier [Pic]

American akita [Pic]
Boston terrier [Pic]
Canaan Dog [Pic]
Chow Chow [Pic]
Dalmatian [Pic]
Danish/Swedish Farmdog [Pic]
English bulldog V1 [Pic]
English bulldog V2 [Pic]
French bulldog [Pic]
German spitz (Grosspitz) [Pic]
German spitz (Mittelspitz) [Pic]
German spitz (Kleinspitz) [Pic]
Hokkaido [Pic]
Japanese akita [Pic] *
Keeshond, version 1 [Pic] *
Keeshond, version 2 [Pic]
Labradoodle [Pic]
Lagotto romagnolo [Pic]
Lhasa apso [Pic]
Miniature Poodle [Pic]
Mixed Breed [Pic]
Norwegian lundehund [Pic]
Peruvian hairless dog [Pic]
Peruvian hairless dog, tufted tails [Pic] *
Thai Bangkaew Dog
Tibetan spaniel
Toy poodle V1 (Second puppy cut) [Pic]
Toy Poodle V1 (Lamb cut) [Pic]
Toy Poodle V2 [Pic]
Shiba inu [Pic]
Standard poodle [Pic]
Xoloitzcuintle (miniature) [Pic]

Alaskan husky [Pic]
Alaskan malamute [Pic]
American bulldog [Pic]
Anatolian shepherd [Pic]
Boerboel [Pic]
Boxer [Pic]
Bullmastiff [Pic]
Cane corso [Pic]
Castro Laboreiro dog [Pic]
Caucasian ovtcharka [Pic]
Central asian ovtcharka [Pic]
Dogo canario [Pic]
Dogue de Bordeaux
Entlebucher mountain dog
Eurasier, version 1 [Pic]
Eurasier, version 2 [Pic]
German Pinscher [Pic]
Greater swiss mountain dog [Pic]
Giant schnauzer V1 [Pic]
Giant schnauzer V2 [Pic]
Hovawart [Pic]
Karst shepherd dog [Pic]
Kuvasz [Pic]
Landseer, continental type [Pic]
Leonberger [Pic]
[Pic] *
Newfoundland [Pic]
Portuguese water dog [Pic]
Rottweiler V1 [Pic]
Rottweiler V2 [Pic]
Samoyed [Pic]
Sarplaninac [Pic]
Siberian husky [Pic]
South russian otvcharka [Pic]
Spanish Mastiff [Pic]
Standard s chnauzer V1 [Pic]
Standard schnauzer V2 [Pic]
Tibetan mastiff [Pic]

And a little Misc stuff...
Farm shepherd - Pic
Mystery breed!
Download it and see what you can find in the AC... ;)

Abno Australian shepherd - Modified file with additional varying bobtail variations. PKC accepted and made/hosted with permission.