I suppose you could say my breeds are my pride and joy, at least in the petz world! I consider my role in the petz world a hexer first and foremost and to date I have roughly 200 files available for download, a bit more than half of which are PKC accepted files (those that aren't are either wildz/fantasy files or breeds that are not officially recognzied and therefore can't be PKC accepted).

The way this page is works that you download the file by clicking the breed name, in most cases. The file will be in unibreed format. You can also see a picture of the breed by the link next to it. Sometimes, if there is something that you may want to know about the file, there may be a red * next to it. You can read what that info is by hovering the mouse over the breed name, and it should pop up.
A few files are also available in different versions for various reasons. This should be marked in a fairly straight-forward way.
Some older files may use external furfiles. If such are included, they should go in the Resource Catz or Dogz folder (depending on what program the breed is for).

You can see my offset list here!

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Note: My horse breeds use external sounds. You need to go to Carolyn's Creations and download them. 
The breeds will still work if you don't, but they will be quiet.
Akhal teke [Pic]
Arabian [Pic]
Dales pony [Pic]
Australian stock horse [Pic]
Dartmoor pony [Pic]
Exmoor Pony [Pic]
Falabella [Pic]
Friesian [Pic]
Irish cob [Pic]
Morgan [Pic]
Paint horse [Pic]
Quarter horse [Pic]
Swedish warmblood [Pic]
Welsh pony [Pic]

Shetland pony! [Pic]
My best horse file to date :) 
Be sure to read the Read Me note.
Probably makes dogz sounds, I've not checked lol.

Angora rabbit [Pic]
Black Welsh Mountain sheep [Pic]
Border Leicester
Dwarf hotot [Pic]
Ferret [Pic]
Gotland sheep [Pic]
Lionhead rabbit [Pic]
Pygmy goat [Pic]
Racka [Pic]
Suffolk [Pic]
Swaledale [Pic]
Swedish Fur Sheep [Pic]
Swedish Hare [Pic]
Texel [Pic]
Valais blackneck [Pic]

Fishing cat [Pic]
Leopard [Pic]
Pheasant [Pic]
Reindeer [Pic]
Roe deer [Pic]
Smilodon [Pic]

African wild dog [Pic]
Arctic fox V1 [Pic]
Arctic fox V2 [Pic]
Bat-eared fox [Pic]
Common seal [Pic]
Crab-eating fox [Pic]
Grey wolf [Pic]
Red fox [Pic]
Utahraptor [Pic]
Velociraptor [Pic]

Bastet [Pic]
Chimera [Pic]
Griffin [Pic]
Marine lion [Pic]
Packy [Pic]
Scarecrow [Pic]
Sliver cat [Pic]
Sphinx [Pic]
Thingut [Pic]

Anubite [Pic]
Diwe [Pic] *
Galley-trot [Pic]
Hellhound [Pic]
Honiahaka [Pic]
Lung [Pic]
Santa's Little Helper [Pic]
Scarecrow [Pic]
Unicorn V1 [Pic]
Unicorn V2 [Pic]
Wyvern [Pic]

Deandr are fantasy animals I've made up.
Dodskalleulv [Pic]
Equa [Pic]
Manstensarkera [Pic]
Silvervarg [Pic]
Urarkera [Pic]

Selective breeds are created through breeding petz until they breed true.
You download pet files, not breedfiles. These petz breed true when crossed.
Unless otherwise mentioned these are for P3/4 (but can be imported to P5 of course)
Desert rabbit [Pic] *
Dwarf persian [Pic]
Finnish snow cat [Pic]
Russian snow cat [Pic]
Swedish forest cat [Pic]

Bristol terrier [Pic]
Castle terrier [Pic]
French water dog [Pic]
German water spaniel [Pic]
Island mastiff [Pic]
Old scottish sheepdog [Pic]
Spotted silver setter [Pic] *