Unsure how to install my downloads? Here is a little guide.
Note, there are different ways you can do this, I will use one of them that I feel is an easy method to use.

Step 1 Download
Download the file to somewhere, such as the Desktop, where you will find it.
Or, when about to download the file, you can choose the option "open" instead of "save". Then it will download itself temporarily to your computer and then open itself. Which is what we're going to do with it later anyway.

Step 2 Find the folder
Then you need to find the folder where your breedfiles are.
Open My Computer and follow these "paths" - ie first click on C, then on Program Files, then on PF Magic, etc.

If you use Petz 4, the path will usually be:
C:\Program Files\PF Magic\Petz 4\Resource

If you use Petz 5, the path will usually be:
C:\Program Files\Ubi Soft\Studio Mythos\Petz 5\Resource

Then find the correct resource folder - Dogz for dog breeds, Catz for cat breeds, Toys for toys etc.

Step 3 Put the file there
Open your download zip (unless you did already).
Now select the item/s in it, and drag them with the mouse into your chosen Resource folder.
Alternatively, you can extract them instead, then use the above path that fits with your program/computer.

Now it should work!

Downloading adopted petz
As above, but instead of finding the Resource folder, find a folder named Adopter Petz.
Note: If you use Vista, you will not be able to find a folder named that, because Vista is stupid about Petz. It's recommended to install Petz somewhere else other than in Program Files, because that avoids many of the weird quirks. I do not use Vista so I cannot help you with any Vista and petz-related issues.


The breed isn't showing up!
Here are the most common answers for that very common issue:

  • Make sure the file is extracted (not a zip file) and in the correct folder
  • Make sure the breed is the right version (must be same version as your game, or an Unibreed - a P4 breed won't work in P5)
  • Make sure you don't have a clashing breed. All breeds have an ID, if two files have the same ID one won't show up in the game. If you have a lot of breeds in your game at once, you may have clashing IDs. Try putting your other files in another folder, if the breed shows up then it is clashing. You'll have to edit one's ID by hexing, or keep the clashing file in another folder while adopting from the new file.