Here you can see some of my petz!
The vast majority of my petz are PKC-registered, and you can see those on the PKC mainsite, but I do have some others too, here you can see some of my favourites - my custom hexies.
I tend to get a little carried away with the background story of them, so you'll just have to bear with me, haha!
Please don't ask to adopt or trade any of these guys, they're for me only ;3

This is Drogo, a Forest Spirit Fox! So far, he is the only of his kind, though I am going to hex a mate for him at some point. He features a whole lot of addballz to get his shape, as well as a custom furfile. He is a trotter, too! He is one of my favourite petz. The idea is that he is a shy spirit of sorts living in the woods. He cares for all living things, in particular the trees and herbs, as you could perhaps guess by his looks!

Gyllenborst is a hexed bulldog, and not a fellow to mess with! He comes straight from the battlefield as you can see from the stains of blood on his armour... He is rather calm, a little rough around the edges as can be expected, but surprisingly quite the gentleman when he's a mind to. But, when he fights, he is vicious and shows no remorse.

Swift may look vicious with those fangs and horns and his dark coat... but he will much rather run away from a fight. Which works just as well for him, since he is very speedy, hence his name! Swift as the Wind, he loves to run, to feel the wind through his coat, but he is rather shy and reserved, and stays away from all who approach him with aggression.


The true name of this dog is not rembered by anyone anymore, so he is usually referred to as 'That zombie dog'. The story goes, he was once an excellent warrior dog, who died but was brought back to life... this time to fight on the enemy's side... Attempts to kill him have failed, as can be seen in the arrow still embedded in his back... And while part of his flesh has fallen off by now, he is still a force to be reckened with - he attacks with no remorse, with no worry for pain or defeat. He just fights on and on, relentlessy, and he is still large and strong. Most will flee at the sight of him.