I get asked a lot about the PKC. What is it, how do you join?

In short, the Petz Kennel Club or PKC is the oldest and largest petz showing organization today. The idea behind it is to try to follow RL cat and dog clubs, although adapted to fit Petz. Petz are judged based on how well they fit RL standards. There are different types of shows you can enter, such as conformation, premier and obedience.
PKC prides itself on trying to be fair for everyone. Editing pictures or .pet files is strictly forbidden. Members are encouraged to be friendly and mature, and there is an excellent community spirit in the club.

I have been a PKC member since 2002 or so and today I'm one of the club admins, some of my main responsibilities includes breed file acceptance, approving new show sites and appointing staff members. I also enjoy submitting breeds for acceptance (have over 200 accepted at this point!), holding shows and being a part of the community in general.

Petz Kennel Club

My Kennels
I have five registered kennel names in the PKC, here you can read a little bit about them (only including currently active ones).

I've used the prefix Novablue since 2001, although originally I spelled it Nova Blue. It's my main prefix used for most dogz breeds, and most of my older registered petz use this prefix too.
I have also registered the prefix NB which I use if the show name is a bit on the long side or if the pet uses two prefixes (eg. NB/UMZ's The Great Bear).

Vättlefjäll [Vet-Leh-Fyel] is the name of a large forest area near where I live, to which I have a strong bond. "Fjäll" means "mountain", Vättle is an old word related to "Water" which means something like "running water", Vättlefjäll is a forest/mountain area with a lot of streams, rivers and marshes. I use this prefix on a select few breeds, mainly Swedish breeds and/or ones that are very close to me.

Kattguld is a relatively new prefix for me, it literary means "Cat's Gold" which is a Swedish term for "Fool's Gold". I thought it would be a funny prefix

Willowmoor is simply a translation of my RL last name to English! Right now I use it for some Gundog and some Working breeds. I think it has a nice ring to it!