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A Demon's True Nature
Afraid of me?
After the Fox
After the Storm
Against All Odds
Against The Wind
All 'Bout The Money
All That Glitters is Gold
All Is Mine
Alpina Blue
Always On the Run
Amazing Flight
American Gal/Guy
Angel from my Nightmare
Angels Crying
Angel's Heart
Angel's Lullaby
Anywhere Is
April Fool
Aristo Artisto
Arctic Gale
Arctic Waters
Aristocratic Assassin
Armchair Hunter
Ask Me
Aurora Borealis
Azure Eyes

Baby Come Back
Back from the Brink
Bad Hair Day Every Day
Bad Touch
Back For Good
Back In The Loop
Back on Planet Earth
Back To Basics
Back With A Vengeance
Banana Split
Bearly A Dog
Before We Met
Beneath the Surface
Be Prepared
Black Adder
Black Opal
Black Sheep
Blinded By Your Presense
Blue Dream
Bound to you
Breaking The Habit
Break Up
Brilliant Bronze
Bring It On
Born in December
Born in the USA
Bubble Shower
Buffalo Bill
Buffy Blue
Bug A Boo
Burning Embers
By A Thread
By Design
By Your Side

Calleth You, Cometh I
Calling Your Name
Call of the wild
Call of Valhalla
Candle In The Wind
Can't Be Tamed
Can't Get Enough
Can't Say No To You
Can't Stop The Tides
Canzone Angelica
Caribbean Blue
Caught Out There
Cave Canem
Celtic Rain/Knight/Spirit...
C'est La Vie
Chaining The Dragon
Change The World
Charm of the Seer
Chase The Clouds Away
Chaos Reigns
Chaos Within
Chase The Night
China Ming
China Roses
City Slicker
Classic Charm
Clone Of My Own
Colour Me White/Black
Come Rain Come Shine
Computer Eyes
Cold Metal
Copy Cat
Cotton Candy
Cosmic Fusion
Cosmic Song
Coyote Dreams
Cry Wolf
Cursum Perficio
Curry In A Hurry
Curse of the Cat
Cut And Paste

Da Bomb
Dagger Of The Mind
Dance of Dolphins
Dance With A Stranger
Dangerous Liasion
Dangerous Mind
Dan y Dwr
Darkness in the Valley
Day And Night
Days Of Honey
Deadly Game
Defender of the Future
Deireadh An Tuath
Demon's Eye
Deora Ar Mo Chroí
Desert Treasures
Desert Wind
Deus ex Machina
Devil Dog
Dewmist Castellina
Diamonds Are Forever
Didn't Raise no Fool
Different Choice
Digital Perfection
Do As You Otter
Dog Ahoy!
Dog of the People
Dog's Day Off
Don't Badger Me!
Don't Cry For Me
Don't Make Me Blue
Don't Tell Me What's Better
Double Trouble
Down with the Ship
Dream of an Oasis
Dream Catch
Dressed For Success
Dressed To Impress

East Meets West
Easy Come, Easy Go
Enchanted Dance
Electric Feeling
Epic Alchemist
Everybody Loves Chocolate
Ever So Chic
Exploding Fury
Explain This!
Eye Of The Mind
Eye of the Storm
Eye Of The Tiger
Eye to Eye
Exception to the Rule

Face of the Gorgon
Fact And Fiction
Fade to Black
Fallen Embers
Falling Star
Family Ties
Fashion And Style
Fashion Statement
Fastest Thing Alive
Fast On My Feet
Fatal Blow
Fateful Chase
Fate of a Dreamer
Feet of the Jackal
Fenris Wolf
Feral Call
Fife Flyer
Fight The Future
Final Countdown
Final Fantasy
Finest Victory
Finger on the Trigger
Fire In The Sky
First Encounter
First Kiss
Fit for a Queen
Flares of Battle
Flawless Flavour
Flora's Secret
Flower in the Rain
Fly Away
Flyin' High
Fooled by your Beauty
Forbidden Fruit
Forest Blaze
Forest Rain
Forever Here
Forever Wild
Formerly Known As
For You Alone
Foundations of Stone
Found At Last
French Kiss
Friday Night
Friend of Foe
Friend To the End
Free Like A Frisbee
From Where I'm Standing
Frozen Star
Full Moon Magic/Fever

Gaggle of Griffons
Get Off My Back
Ghost Dance
Gift From The Gods
Girl of the Flower
Git Along, Little Doggie!
Gods and Dogs
Going Berserk
Going Down In Flames
Going to the Extreme
Golden Heart
Gotta Have Hope
Got Your Attention
Greater Good
Greek To Me
Guardian Of The Gate
Guest of Honour
Gypsy Sorrow

Hades Shade
Happy Mind
Happy Together
Half A Change
Halfway Across The Galaxy
Happy Phantom
Harder than Diamond
Head In The Clouds
Heavenly Chase
Helping Hand
Hercynian Mystery
Herd's the Word
Here For You
Here I Am
Here With/-out You
Hero Reborn
High Tide, High Time
Hold Your Horses
Homeward Bound
Hope Has A Place
Hot Shot
Hungry Like the Wolf
Hymn to the Sea

I Am Your Evil Twin
I Believe In Miracles
I Can Do It
If I Never Knew You
I Hear You Calling
I Know You Can
I'm calling your name
Inner Circle
I See It Now
Illusions of Hope/Love/Fury...
Ill Will
I Never Did Understand Why
In From The Cold
Inside to Outside
Instant Moment
Into The Black Hole
Irish Eyes are Smiling
I Saved The World
I Second That
Isis and Osiris
It's Electric
I Want It That Way
I Want Tomorrow

Jack Frost
Jack of all Trades
Jamaica Flower
January Girl
Japanese Geisha/Samurai...
James 007
Jelly Beans
Jester in the Corner
Jingle Bells
Jolly Joker
Jungle Fever
Jurassic Bark
Just a Dogz/Catz
Just a Fairytale?
Just A Jewel
Just Can't Wait
Justice Of The Peace
Just Justin
Just Remember
Just Your Imagination
Just You And Me

Keeper of Love/Hope/Fury...
Key to Imagination
Key to Success
Killin Time'
Kind and Loyal Royal
King of the Hill
Kiss Me
Kiss the Girls
Kings and Queens
Knight of Night
Kung Fu Boy/Girl

Lady Love
LapTop Dog
Larger Than Life
La Rocca
La Soñadora
Last Confrontation
Last Of My Kind
Leave Your Sorrows Behind
Leaving for Higher Grounds
Lemon Tree
Lesser Of Two Evils
Less is More
Less Than Three Seconds
Lethal Mix
Let It Rain
Letters to an Angel
Let The Sun Shine
Light and Darkness Merge
Light In The Dark
Lil' Drips
Link to the Past
Lion's Courage
Lion Hunter
Listen To The Waves
Literary Dog
Live And Learn
Living by the Knife
Living in America
Living Legend
Lonesome Cowboy
Lost Cause
Lost Faith
Lost Forever
Love and Hate/Peace
Lovely Lily
Love Me Now
Love Song
Love That Trancends Time
Low Rider
Lunatic Thoughts
Lying From You

Madame Piraya
Made For You
Made in China
Making A Difference
Man In The Mirror
March of the Celts
Marked For Life
Matchbox Model
Matter of Trust
May it Be
Meant To Be
Memory of A Mistake
Menancing Phantom
Men's Lament
Merlin's Will
Mermaid's Tears
Metal Made Flesh
Meteor Fragment
Miracle of Love
Midnight Special
Minas Tirith
Mirror Maze
Missing You
Mission Impossible
Moon's Doom
Murder Will Out
My December
My Fate to Dream
Mystic's Dream
My World Fell Apart

Na Leatha Geal M'Óige
Name Game
Name of the Game
Natural Force
Natural High
Nature's Beauty/Dance...
Nemean Lion
Never Cry Wolf
Never Odd or Even
Ne Ver', Ne Bojsia
Never to End
New Kind Of Medicine
Night Wish
Nightmare Come True
Noble Grey
Nobody But You
Nobody Knows
No Exception
No Inari
Nordic Liasion
Northern Lights
No Second Chance
Not For Sale
Nothing But The Best
Nothing Like The Rain
Nothing to Loose
Not To Be Tamed
No Turning Back
Now Or Never
Now You See It

Obession Forever
Ocean Bubbles
Odd Duck
Odd One Out
Of The Stars
Of Times Lost
Old Fears
Olympic Parentage
Once In A Lifetime
One By One
One Of Us
One Small Step
On Guard!
Only Time (Will Tell)
Only Yesterday
On Top of the World
Open Your Heart
Open Your Mind
Ophelia's Love
Orinoco Flow
Out of Control
Out of Favour
Out Of This World
Owe it to You

Pain And Longing
Paint The Sky
Partner In Crime
Party Animal
Pax Deorum
Pegasus Sati
Perfect Chaos
Picture Perfect
Ping Pong
Plain but Perfect
Popular Choice
Power Corrupts
Pray For Me
Private Emotion
Promise of Love
Pure Mind/Mind/Innocence
Purple Rain

Qti Pie
Qualm Of Conscience
Qualified Winner
Queen of Hearts/The Hill...
Quench Your Thirst
Question of Hope/Love/Fury...
Quest for Answers
Quick Descision
Quite Quick
Quit Playing Games
Quter than Cute

Rainbow Bubbles
Raging Robot
Rags to Riches
Razor Tounge
Reach for the Stars
Reason to Start Over
Reign And Hail
Returned Hero
Return of the King
Return to Innocence
Rice Ball in a Fruits Basket
Riddle of Magic
Ring My Bell
Road To My Heart
Roamin' Roman
Roar of Orthus
Rock-A-Billy Rebel
Rocket Away
Rock This Town
Roman Tribute
Royal Prospect
Rumble in Brighton
Runaway Boy/Girl
Run 'Em Down!
Run Free

Save A Prayer
Scar of the Wilderness/Wind
Scent of the Trap
Scratch me There
Searching for the Sun
Second To None
Secret Past
Shadow of Buddha
Shadows Dancing
Shadows of the Past
Shepherdess' Larment
Shepherd Moon
She's An Eye
Silk Ridge
Simply The Best
Sing Your Melody
Silver Inches
Sky's The Limit
Sleeper Awake
Smoking Barrel
So Continental!
So Far So Good
Somewhere I Belong
Son of a Sailor
Sonic Boom
Song Of The Waves
Soul's Whereabouts
Southern Lights
Sovereign Spaniel
Space Case
Space The Base
Sparkle in the Night
Spark Of Energy
Spark of Lightning
Speaking in Tongues
Speak The Truth
Speeding Bullet
Spinning My Mind Away
Spirited Charge
Spirit of Ma'at
Springing into Action
Split Personality
Star Attraction
Start Rockin'
Stay With Me
Step Up
Storming Ocean
Storms In Africa
Strange Prey
Stranger From Within
Stray Cat/Dog Strut
Stronger Than Pride
Stuck With You
Subliminal Message
Sudden Change
Such A Deal
Sugar And Spice
Summer Rain
Summer Song
Sun In The Stream
Swan Song
Swing It

Tainted Virtue
Tai Wind
Take Me Away
Take Me In Your Arms
Take Me Up
Take Your Best Shot
Taste of Adventure
Team Player
Tears Don't Lie
Tears of Sorrow
Tell Me Why
Tempus Vernum
That Certain Something
The 60,000,000,000$$ Dog/Cat
The Air I Breathe
The Eyes Have It
The Future Is Now
The Voice Inside my Head
The Way You Smile
Thief Of Hearts
Throw Me Around
Through The Fire
Tic Tac Toe
Tilted Perspective
Time And Space
Time Beyond Time
Time To Go Insane
To The Quasar
Tocas' Miracle
Tokyo Pup/Kitten
To Stand Alone
Tranquility Disrupted
Travellers' Tales
Trigger Happy
Troubled Waters
True Form
True Love
True Nature
Truly Yours
Trust Earned
Truth Or Dare
Tumbled From The Sky
Tunnel of Light
Turn the Tide
Turning to Stone
Twice As Nice
Twin Below
Twisted Turn
Two In The Morning

Unaffected Beauty
Under Current
Under The Sky so Blue
Unicorn Flight
United Soul
Unlikely One
Unlike the Others
Unlimitied Love
Unsolved Mystery
Untamed Spirit
Upper Class
Uptown Pup
Urge to Dig

Vanilla Touch
Vanilla Whisper
Veni Vidi Vici
Verge of Tears
Vertical Limit
Visions of the past
Vice Versa
Viva L'Amor
Vive La France!
Vivid Memory
Voiceless Song
Vox Populi

Whale of a Dog!
Watch me
Water Voices
Water Wings
Waves of Time
Ways To My Heart
What Does This Tell You?
Whenever Wherever
When The Godess Sing
When The Ghosts Are Howling Near
When The Seas Are Rolling In
When The Stars Are Shining Clear
Where Angles Dare Not Tread
Where You Gonna Go
Where's The Love?
Wild Child
Wild Roses
Willows of the Water
Wintertime Blues
With A Vengeance
What A Day
What Could Have Been
Where The Winds Would Never Lie
Whiz Kid
Wild Spirit
Will I Ever
Winning Trait
Wishes Are Eternal
Wishful Thinking
Wish You Were Here
Wrath of the Goddess

Xciting News
Xmas Present
X-Ray Vision
Xpected Winner
Xtra Sparkle
Xstra Special Edition
Xylophone Music

Year of the Dog
Year of Wonder
Years of Devotion
Yo Man
Yorkshire Beauty
You Can't Take Me
You Don't Fool Me
You Know
You Know I'm Right
You'll be in my heart
You Never Realize
You Spin Me Around

Zero Patience
Zest for Life
Zinc and Iron
Zigzag like Lightning
Zippy Zebra
Zip of a Bullet
Zone of Lonelyness/Happiness/Sadness.
Zodiac Light
Ztarlight Xpress