As you could read on the frontpage, Supernova was founded back in 1998. But then what? What phases has the site gone through since then? This is what you can read about here! The original Supernova was named Shibas kennel, residing on Tripod, and was solely a petz site. It was posted on the internet on september 19th 1998. Back then, Petz was really big, and Shibas kennel was one of a countless number of petz sites, many named something with "kennel". I didn't know anything about HTML, FTP or anything else. I tried my best and pretty much taught myself how to run a website. I had Petz 1 when I started Shibas kennel, as Petz II hadn't been released in Sweden yet. The main page was purple, had a Macarena midi for background music, used Comic Sans and each page had a different background colour! Fortunately I've come a long way since then!

Where did the name Shibas come from then? Well, there's actually a little story behind that! Around 1997 (or was it even earlier?) me and a friend of mine played a lot with Lego. We created dogs and a full agility course, and pretended that we bred lego dogs, with our own kennels. We had many trials, running the courses while taking the time and trying to avoid making errors (such as the ever-present risk of the dogs' heads suddenly falling off!). We both changed our kennel names several times. Mine was called "Sweet dreams", "Indigo kennels" and finally "Shibas kennel". I wanted something that sounded asian, and chose that name. It came from the japanese breed of dog called shiba inu, which translates to "small dog" or something to that effect. So when I got Petz II, and wanted to "breed" petz (back then petz couldn't breed, but litterz were still created and adopted petz were pretended to be puppies of your adult dogz), it was natural for me to choose the name Shibas, and I kept it for several years. In 2001, Shibas kennel became Supernova. It was actually a tough decision for me! I was doing a huge remodel, and I felt that it was time for me to change site name as well. I had begun to call myself Nova instead of Jessie, and suddenly it hit me. Nova - Supernova! The old URL was changed to I kept the kennel name Shibas, though, because I'd used for so long and it was very special to me.
In october 2002, I changed Shibas to Nova Blue's, or NB's for short, to match myself and my site better. Still the same petz and site, but with brand new names.

During spring-summer 2003, Supernova, or Shibas kennel, went through it's second large change. I'd been offered to be hosted by SSB, and at first I was a bit reluctant, acutally, because Supernova is a real space eater, and I didn't want to swallow all of the space Dani could give me! She said that it was okay and even encouraged me, and I was happy to finally, after more than four year, find the perfect home for my little website. In 2004, it was time to move again, this time to, hosted by Shannon, before I finally got my own domain at I hope that that was the final move, and that Supernova has found its true place now! Over the years, Shibas kennel/Supernova has gone from 100 % petz to 95 % non-petz, back and forth. It is my "child", my first ever website, and I never want to close it, even though updates can be sparce at times. I have had many layouts through the years, but sadly I didn't begin to save pictures of them until 2004. Still, here are the ones I have so far!

Past Layouts
Since 2004, I've been saving screenshots of my layouts (or most of them, anyway!) to show here. Unfortunately I don't have screenshots of layouts from before that, but here are the ones I do have! Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the picture.

January to May 2004: I didn't actually see this one much myself, because my internet went down (literary!) right after I uploaded it, and then I didn't have internet for several months. Since it had been up for some months I decided to change, even though I didn't actually grow tired of it myself. The tiger and the leopard (look closely in the right corner and you'll see it!) were both photographed by me during a visit to a museum. That's right - they were not alive! They sure looked like though, and I was very happy with this layout. I tried hard to make it more complicated, graphically, than my previous layouts.

May to June 2004: This layout wasn't all that good. I put it together quickly, just to have something after the previous one. The fish is a dragonfish which I photographed when I was in a place called Universeum. It wasn't a very good layout but from what I remember I had some trouble making an okay-looking left frame where the text was still easy to read.

June to July 2004: I loved this layout! It featured my springer spaniel, who was quite young back then. Since the previous layout was so dark in colours and quite simple, I wanted something light, cheerful and more advanced-looking. Okay, so this layout wasn't all that complicated, but I still liked it - I always liked clean layouts. Overall I was really happy with it and I still think it's one of my best layouts yet.

July to September 2004: This one was made for my by Shannon of UMZ as a present - wasn't it lovely?! It featured Dunder, with lightning of course! The text says "If you listen you can hear him coming"! "Dunder", you see, is swedish for "Rumble" so it fit well with his name! I really liked the purple, I don't think I've used that before, at least not much. The background was really cool too!

[No Picture]
September to November 2004: Forgot to take a screenshot of this one, typical! After the rather dark last layout, I wanted a lighter one. It showed a photo of heather that I had taken, with white background and soft purple colours, very earsy on the eye, the layout was called "inner calm". As with the first Dunder-layout, I was really happy with how this one turned out, it was very serene. I think I have a thing for those light layouts with brighter colours!

November 2004 to April 2005: A dark layout, once more! You can't tell in this picture because it's so dark, but this layout showed grass, like a hill, with a sort of edited version of it in the left frame. I was really proud when I made it, which was in school. I used the same layout for a personal website (as part of a school project). Even though it showed green grass, it sort of fit with being a winter layout, because of the darkness. I was quite happy with it but since I had it up for so long I began to grow a bit tired of it and wanter a more happy summer-y layout again.

May to October 2005: I wanted a light and summery layout, so using the same photo I used a few years or so ago, I made a flower layout. I really liked that one. I also downsized and otherwise tinkered with the site, so that it fit better with what I wanted it to be.

November 2005 to February 2006: This one was made sort of quickly and was rather simple, but I liked it! It sported a lynx wandering in the night, sort of going back to the site's roots since "Lokatt" just happens to be swedish for lynx! Towards the end of the winter, though, I felt it was just too dark and wanted something lighter again.

February to April 2006: I made this layout when it was still cold and snowy outside and I longed so very much for summer! I liked this one and it worked fine on my resolution (see the full picture) but unfortunately it didn't work as well in smaller resolutions, so I decided to take the step out and make my first CSS-layout, with the help of a lovely web building site template!

screen2006.jpg (161279 byte)
April 2006 to March 2007:
Wow I had this one for a long time! It was my first real CSS-only layout and actually just the basic template, because I liked it a lot. It was easy to navigate and I liked it, but by the end I had had it for too long, to the point I found it boring and didn't even want to use the same base for my next layout...

screenshot.jpg (432839 byte)
March 2007
to September 2007
I kept this one for a good while! I was proud of it when I made it but then I eventually got pretty darn tired of it. When I made it, I had hoped to be able to change just the colours and update the layout that way so I wouldn't need to re-do the entire site the next time it was time for a new layout, but couldn't get something I liked, so I went back to using frames and CSS again and ended up re-doing it anyway. Not that I don't like using a pure CSS layout, but frames is so much easier to control for a site like Supernova. I'd die without my stylesheets though!

layout.png (296213 byte)
September 2007 to august 2009
Wow, I had this one forever! But that's because I liked it a lot, and I wasn't really interested in changing layout often. I wanted one I could live with for a long time. It featured green (my favourite colour!) and wasn't graphics-intensive, instead letting the content be the focus. However eventually I figured it was getting a little old and I wanted to update some of the banners on the Breeds page, since the PKC updated some group names.

supernova2010.png (649343 byte)
August 2009 - January 2011
Seems I keep my layouts longer and longer each time, lol!
This was a petz-heavy layout with a pirate theme. I liked how colourful it was and that it involved several petz, but when the PKC updated its cat grouping so my breed list became outdated, I decided it was time to change the layout as well.